Welcome to my portfolio!

I'm an aspiring technical artist who's passionate about tools, shaders and especially procedural generation.

RK62 Model Showcase | 12,605 | CC BY 4.0


I'm proficient in


I'm familiar with

Substance Designer
Adobe Illustrator
High Level Shading Language

Procedural Sphere

Procedural Sphere with customizable layered noise calculated in Compute Shaders.

Package for Unity. (2019.3.8f1, Built-In Render Pipeline) Github


  • "Animatable" noise offset with a Constant Velocity or with an Object's Position.
  • Noise processing done on GPU with Compute Shaders.
  • Cube Sphere with Uniform Geometry as a base mesh for linear resolution manipulation.
  • Easy creation from GameObject menu.
  • GPU Instancing.
  • Gradient mapped to VertexColors based on height.*
  • Smooth and Sharp noise processing.*

*Base from Sebastian Lagues implementation, but expanded, optimized and adapted for compute shaders.


Castle Battles Prototype

VR Multiplayer Prototype where you gather your troops and place your turrets for both defensive and offensive maneuvers. The castles have 2 gates and a command center in the middle. The player to first destroy the other's command center wins. Currently 1v1, but easily scalable to a 4 player free for all.

  • Unity URP
  • OpenXR
  • Mirror Networking
  • VRIF for Player Assets

3D Procedural Terrain with Biomes for Mobile

Simple procedural terrain generator with biomes for the Unity 3D game engine, optimized for use in mobile game development. (Github)


  • Optimizing (Profiling, Garbage Collection)
  • Mesh generation
  • Object pooling
  • Voronoi diagram
  • Insertion sorting

Resources Used

Example Scene Screenshots

CloseUp FarAway



Low poly RK62 model which can be inspected on the home page in 3D. Download | CC BY 4.0

RK62 Model Unity screenshot


Shooting range captured from a standalone VR headset. Christmas scene rendered in Blender and postcard graphic by Kuutti.

ShootingRangeEnvironment GIF ChristmasScene

Grob G115E Plane

Modeled for use in a game engine. Rendered in Blender.

GrobG115E 1
GrobG115E 2 GrobG115E 3

Missile Mayhem

Missile Mayhem is a mobile game On Google Play where you run from a gunship behind the enemy lines, earning points the further you get. Along the way you have to collect fuel and evade or destroy enemy defenses.


  • Procedural Terrain
  • Profiling & Optimization
  • GLSL basics
  • Google Play Achievements and leaderboards
  • Introduction to Unity Ads and Google Play IAP

I also wrote a small honest article about the process for European Retail Academy, which I've put in an easily readable format here. Which also can be found on the ERA website.


Web & Mobile App development

Portfolio/Blog website | .NET Core

Originally created with .Net Framework 4.7 MVC, but since ported to .Net Core.

  • 3D Model viewer with ThreeJS
  • Admin Authentication
  • SQL
  • CSS

Recipe App | Flutter

Easy to use app for creating your own recipes and saving them locally.

  • Android Studio
  • Data serialization (JSON, Asynchronous)
  • File Management
  • Input handling (Regex)