Monday 15.8 | Fall damage, Clouds & More Bug Fixing

Platformer Prototype

Adding fall damage, clouds and fixing gameplay breaking bugs.

Fall damage

When landing with too much speed you take damage (max 25% at the moment) and make a loud sound that enemies nearby can hear.



The clouds are very subtle in the fog but with their movement they make the world feel more alive.

CloudsWithoutFog CloudsWithFog

Day's Work

  • Fall Damage
    • HitReaction sound and animation upon taking damage
  • Clouds
  • Fixing weapon manager giving enemies the players weapon
  • Settings initialization moved to "Menu" because settings menu was disabled on start
  • Practically disabled awareness meter visibility limit distance
  • Enemystats has the weapon now
  • Enemy notice sound actually audible now
  • New min vertical speed = -25 (takes damage at 20-25)
  • Healthbar "animation"