Monday 8.8 & Tuesday 9.8 | Sniper & Minor Environment Adjustments

Platformer Prototype

Giving our guy a sniper accomplice who does surveillance from the shadows and guiding you towards your goal with a laser. You will not be able to directly see the sniper, but I'm trying to create a feeling of his presence.


I'm creating the sniper to be a guiding light for the player. He's going to be helping the player with controls and give the information for the next steps towards a goal. For starters though, I wanted to see how I could highlight the objectives on a map using him. So I made it possible for you to request him to show the objective with a laser. After requesting he responds and starts setting it up, the laser then shows up when he's done (~5s), then hiding it after some time (~7-10s) to avoid revealing the operation.


CSV for creating dialog

Importing dialog from google sheets with CSV Serialize by VisualWorks.

SheetsDialog DialogManager

Work Done


  • Sniper laser
    • Ask for laser with right stick press
    • Sniper responds immediately and points laser in ~7 seconds
    • Laser realistic shake
  • Environment
    • Changing skybox and light to fog color Tuesday
  • Sniper dialog
    • CSV importing from google sheets
    • Dialog can be called randomly or in order
    • Other minor tweaks