Sunday 29.5 | Movement

3D Stealth Platformer Prototype

This is the first daily post so I will be telling a little about where the project is right now as well as today's work.

Current state

This week I have worked on movement which needs some polishing and a whole roll mechanic before being able to move onto other things. After all the basics are in place I can start to thinking about what mechanics are still needed for fun gameplay.

  • Behaviour tree implementation with the help of this Behaviour Tree Tutorial
    • Currently the only behaviours the enemies have are chasing when they spot a player and patrolling.
  • Scivolo Character Controller as base. Scivolo Character Controller
    • Just moved from Unity's own third person controller to this one because of the added flexibility.
  • Environment from Unity's 3rd person template.
  • Animations from Mixamo. (Sword and Shield Pack)
  • Enemies and rest are from past projects of mine or from the Unity Starter Assets.
ScreenshotOfEnemyFromEditor PlayerAnimatorSimple


Today I focused on migrating away from using Unity's built-in Character Controller component. Reason being the very limited control you have over the Unity's solution and weird "physics" behaviour. For me this weird behaviour was a slowing down of the character when jumping and landing.

  • Going from unity template 3rd person to scivolo character controller
    • Extracting everything useful from template
      • Camera rotation
      • Animator and State setting from script
      • Own attack scripts moved
      • Running -> Walking -> Idle, Animation blending smoothed
      • Air control