Friday 10.6 | Combo Attack

Platformer Prototype

Today's task was to add combo attacks and do minor fixes all around the combat system. Now I will probably be switching focus to enemy combat. I think If I were to continue adding to the combat system, I would find a lot to be useless after adding the enemy combat system. After getting the enemy combat system up and running I will probably see the bigger picture clearer.

Combo Attack

On the code side I'm just checking for the attack input when 60% of the attack's cooldown has passed. If input is given a "Combo" boolean parameter on the animator is set to true which I use to disable the "Any State" transitions.

  • Sword Trail fixed
  • Attacking while rolling removed
  • Combo attacks
    • Animator based implementation (Script is only used to control a combo boolean)
    • Needs testing (Minimal, No polishing)
    • Reworked code for attacking to fit comboing
  • New attack animation for primary attack combo