Friday 17.6 | Back Critical Strike

Platformer Prototype

Adding a critical strike marker for enemies when they're facing away from the player. Needs some fixing still because of a small detour during the day.

Shader Execute/Critical Strike Mark

First I simply created a world canvas with a radial fill for the timer and a simple cross graphic. The idea was to first run the timer and then activate the graphic and notify the character scripts that this enemy can be critically striked. Everything looked pretty good but I just got a tingle that it could look amazing actually on the back of the enemy.


Well I "somehow" got it working and looking great, but when actually playing the mark was way too small in my opinion (could be a sick shirt graphic though). Since there's no good way of making it noticeably larger, I scrapped the material for now. It really wouldn't even make a big difference, because of the viewing angle always being favourable for the canvas.


Day's Work

"Execute" probably going to get renamed to critical strike

  • Imported running attack
  • Enemy
    • Execute timer
    • Sound when able to execute
    • Sound when the strike hits
    • Fading in and out
  • Character
    • Execute
      • Disable player movement when executing
      • Weapon effects