Monday 20.6 | Starting Work on Stealth & New Environment

Platformer Prototype

Today I started with creating an environment for testing the stealth mechanics which I will be adding this week. The better part of the day went implementing audible events and fixing combat.

Inaudible Audible Steps

Using UnityEvents to make enemies hear the player run. I don't know if invoking every enemy's OnAudibleEvent method is the best way of handling this, but for the prototype it works. At the moment the mechanic feels weird because I don't have the foot step sounds or enemy animations to go along with it yet.

Wave Function Collapse Environment


I created a simple environment with a Wave Function Collapse unity implementation I had fiddled with a couple weeks back (marian42/wavefunctioncollapse). I had created the building blocks back then so I literally just had to press generate and move a couple blocks around to make it little more functional.


Day's Work

  • Wave function collapse environment
  • StealthEventSystem
    • UnityEvent OnAudibleEvent
    • On enemy
      • PlayerDetection listens to audibleevent and checks distance
      • Behaviour tree gets target from PlayerDetection
  • Fixing Executing
    • Also renamed to critical strike
  • Still trying to figure out the combat
    • Testing with many enemies