Friday 19.8 | Objectives UI Fixes & A Little About the Shop

Platformer Prototype

Updating the UI because I noticed it was a bit unclear on what the next major objective would be. Also wasting time trying to make a new area for a shop.

Objectives UI

A divider that communicates there are more objectives in between and masking the list, so it doesn't become the height of the whole screen.


Trying to get a weapons shop to fit in the story

I tried blocking out an area next to the base that would have been a little harder to get to but the scale might already be too large. So I ended up placing the shop in one of the buildings inside the base and I'll later have to make it make sense with the sniper dialog. For example, the dealer could just not care about selling to a total random, or be plain stupid.

Day's Work

  • Objectives UI
    • Divider telling there's objectives in the middle
    • Masked list that can be made scrollable
  • Blockout work that was abandoned mid way because the scale would have blown up again
  • Interior in one of the buildings blocked out for a shop