Wednesday 17.8 & Thursday 18.8 | Helper Sequences, Blockout & Climbing

Platformer Prototype

I really don't know what to call these sequences where the sniper is giving the next objective. The camera control is taken but you can still move your character and stop the sequence anytime (at least this first one) so I thought I'd call them helper sequences for now. I also worked a bit on the blockout.

Blockout & Climbing

I hadn't had any climbing elements in for a while so the lack of testing with it had lead up to it being very broken. I fixed slipping and jumping from the ledge, but some bugs still persist because they started taking way too much time to fix.


Helper sequences using timelines

118Cutscene 119TimelineTool

Work Done

  • Wednesday
    • Blockout
    • Climbable tower
    • Testing timelines
  • Thursday
    • Timelines ("Cutscenes")
      • Sniper sequence
        • Dialog
        • Laser
      • Skippable by
        • Moving or
        • With O/B