Friday 29.7 | Rearranging Sections & Rethinking Scale

Platformer Prototype

Blocking out more of the level, testing the blockout and rethinking scale.

Rearranging sections

I'm rethinking the order of sections and how they would play out. I started to create the first section where the player actually should be thinking and the scale is already getting out of hand. This section is supposed to be the 4th out of 7 and I'm really running out of time (trying to get this playtestable before 22.8 when uni starts back up), keeping in mind that I have to still do some gameplay programming (Gold gathering, save points, simple shop UI, hints, objective markers).

I'm thinking about making the 4th level more non-linear with ~2-3 objectives in the same space and making the 5th a final challenge where you can test out the skills you've learned (could be timed and scored or just a little more challenging puzzle).


Trying out the blockout in Unity

Some thougths after testing:

  • Bug where you can parachute up an incline
  • Sliding feels weird (starts sliding to a wrong direction or that's how it feels like)
  • Jumping feels weightless (Maybe lack of landing effects or because of too much air control or because downwards velocity affects jumping too little)
  • Can step too high

Day's Work

  • Trying out the blockout in Unity
    • Creating a TODO to get actual testable gameplay
  • More blocking out