Friday 3.6 | More Climbing Animations

Platformer Prototype

Continuing yesterday's animating and animator work. Adding a ledge grab animation, trying new things with the animator layers and minor fixing overall.

Root Bone Problems

Trying different things with the animator, but still having the problem of the character floating on the wall because of the root bone being a deform one. I will be looking into this over the weekend, the solution hopefully not being to manually animate a new non-deform root bone to every animation.


Animator Layers

Sharing states among more animator layers for clarity. Minor flaw being the lack of blending between jumping and grabbing the wall.

ClimbingLayer MovementLayer
  • Climbing
    • Ledge grabbing animation
    • Snapping to ledge
    • Slipping gets faster with time
    • Climbing added to a new layer in animator
    • Fixed bug when climbing indoors and hitting roof
    • Other minor fixes