Thursday 2.6 | Climbing Animations

Platformer Prototype

After yesterday's coding I took this day a little more chill and did some animating and unity animator work.

Animations in Unity

Looking pretty janky at the moment, but almost everything is going to get polished.

Blender IK Exporting Problems

I didn't find good animations from mixamo so I had to make them. So I added inverse kinematics to my rig to do them in a timely manner and it's also beneficial for any probable animating in the future. IK turned out to be a problem when exporting the animations. I thought Blender would add keyframes to the constrained bones automatically when exporting, but this wasn't the case, I only got the old Unity rig to animate the root bone.


After a "little bit" of googling I found out about "baking actions" which saved the day. This feature creates a new action and basically creates keyframes for the constrained bones every "Frame Step".

ActionBaking ActionBakingMenu

Today's Work

  • Blender
    • IK added to rig
    • Leap animation
    • Slipping animation
  • Unity
    • Climbing Animations imported
    • States added to a messy animator
    • Animator parameter handling added to climbing code