Monday 11.7 | Brainstorming Ideas for a Story

Platformer Prototype

I'm starting the week off by researching narrative design and brainstorming ideas for a story.

In the quest for a story

To start designing a level, I think I'm going to need a story for the character that I can use as a guide for many design decisions. I started the day with research into narrative design, then played Sly 2 Band of Thieves to see what kind of flow they had for the starting sequence. It gave me some ideas about how I should introduce the mechanics and how the pacing should be. Though it may have made brainstorming ideas for characters a bit trickier because a lot of ideas "I came up" with, I later realized came straight from Sly.

I came up with some characters I think could be interesting and fitting for the mechanics. I'll write a small plot for them tomorrow. Then take a small part of this plot to use for the mission later. Mainly I'm creating the story so I can have the elements of the game belong to a theme, which should give inspiration and guidance on many decisions.

Day's Work

  • Narrative design research
  • Research into a starting sequence of a similar game
  • Brainstorming story ideas
    • Characters
    • Locations (For the mission)