Weekend 8-10.7 | What Next? #2

Platformer Prototype

Having a hard time trying to figure out if I have what I need to start designing a simple level.

Research, Level Design & Research into Level Design

I've been having trouble figuring out the next steps. I'm not sure if I have enough complexity for the platforming or enough stealth mechanics to make it interesting. So I've been doing research, reading about level design, gathering my thoughts and trying to design a simple tutorial area with little success. Despite this I think I have enough to create a tutorial area and/or a small mission, I just need to take my time designing it and not rush into Unity.

Sunday's Rushed Level Design Attempt

This is a tutorial area I tried creating today but after realising I would have to change literally everything, I gave up and started doing some research into the level design process. Every part of it is unfinished in every single way possible, but I thought I'd show it anyway because it is part of the journey.


This is my first time designing this kind of level so I think the best thing to do right now would be spending the next week researching, designing, blocking out and playtesting, basically utilizing the mechanics I already have to create a small mission. After this I will hopefully have a better idea on how to move forward.


Work Done

  • Research
  • Level Design
  • Launch Platform