Thursday 7.7 | Parachuting

Platformer Prototype

Being hesitant about implementing parachuting but ending up very happy with the result.

Hesitant start

Trying out parachuting which at the beginning felt weird with no effects and just the gravity adjusted. It essentially did what a parachute should and that is to slow down falling and give a bit of control, so I was a bit hesitant on moving forward after it feeling a bit out of place. I thought I'd give it a good effort though, because it had been on the todo list for some time now.


Finding confidence in the idea

After smoothing out the rotation and sudden movements it all of a sudden started feeling like parachuting even with the character basically in a sitting pose. With some additional tweaking I started finding new routes through the level and found myself fiddling with it a little too much which of course gave me a lot of confidence in the idea. This made adding the effects very interesting because I wanted to see how satisfying I could make it.


Final thoughts

In the end I'm very happy with the feel and possibilities this opens up in level design.

Day's Work

  • Parachute
  • Character
    • Parachuting open animation
    • Parachuting idle
  • Parachuting input
    • Left trigger
  • Save System
    • PersistenObject id to the name not instance id