Wednesday 6.7 | Double Jump

Platformer Prototype

Now that I've gotten a better picture of what everything is going to look like, I'm going to be adding some actual platforming. Today was mostly about adding double jumping, some effects and platforms.

Double Jump

I've decided to test how the double jump would feel. Now that I have it and after adding a little spice to it, it feels great. I might make it so that you get extra height if you hold but that would be the only tweaking I'd do anymore.

Day's Work

  • Platforming
    • MovingPlatformAnimated
      • Move and rotate the kinematic controller when on platform that is animated with Animation component
    • Double jump
    • Leap (Climbing jump) particle and sound effects
    • Ledge grabbing fixed (crazy position snapping)
  • Combat
    • Special attack when in air (Currently just the combo attack for testing)
  • Level
    • Adding some platforms to try the jumping and moving platform