Sunday 24.7 | Starting Level Design

Platformer Prototype

Starting out the level design progress by mapping level elements and working on a flow figure.

Level Elements

First I tried plotting down every game element I have on paper, so things like:

  • Jumping
  • Controlled jump
  • Double jump
  • Running
  • Thin platform
  • Moving platform
  • Switch
  • Exploring
  • Alarm
  • Controlled double jump
  • Parachuting to climbing
  • Jump, attack, jump
  • etc...

Some of these make no sense and some overlap with others, but it helped a lot when I was figuring out the flow because I could see what I was missing and what I can combine for later challenges. Also it cleared my mind a lot because this is a mess even on paper.

Very in progress flow figure:


Day's Work

  • Mapping out all the mechanics and level elements
  • Figuring out the flow of the map