Saturday 23.7 | Combat Balancing

Platformer Prototype

Finishing up work on the main character animations, for now at least.

Combat Balancing & Minor Fixing

My spamming attack X/▢ did way too much damage so to balance this I created new attack types:
1. Basic: X/▢ "Primary"
2. Strong: Y/△ "Secondary" & Air X/▢
3. Stronger + Stun: Air Y/△
4. Critical Strike (damage 5x+)

I also changed the secondary attack to a thrust stab because the previous felt really clumsy. I might slow movement during this attack because it's pretty fast and high damage, but that's in the future.


Day's Work

  • Combat
    • 4 damage stages
      1. Basic
      2. Strong
      3. Strong + Stun
      4. Critical Strike (damage 5x+)
    • Different secondary attack
    • Health bar working
      • 50hp marker (not scripted have to add the markers by hand because time)
    • Awareness meter working when inspecting
  • Ledge Jump
    • Fixed kinda
    • Still ground check bug when landing but I have to move on