Thursday 21.7 | Even More Animations & Testing Combat

Platformer Prototype

Finishing up the "required" animations and testing what combat style I wanna go with. I've missed some days due to catching a minor cold and some travelling, but should be able to start working more consistently from now on.

Testing combat

I'm continuing work on the animations and almost done with the ones I really need. Starting to test different animations for the combat, I was trying out a combat style similar to what's in the Dark Souls games. This style is slow, calculated and movement is almost fully root motion based, which could be easier to balance and make the players think twice about facing the guards head on. I tried it and I can't get it to go well at all with platforming, so I will probably scrap this idea. Next I will try finish up the main character animations.


Day's Work

  • Combat
    • New Air attack
      • Prevent parachute from opening
    • Testing if root motion or free movement when attacking is better
    • New secondary attack
  • "New" Climbing animations
    • Ledge grabbing
    • Jumping/Leaping
  • Fixing non existent step sounds