Sunday 31.7 | Blockout, Gold Crates & Triggers

Platformer Prototype

Splitting the day for blocking out and some necessary gameplay elements.

Updated blockout

Not in Unity yet, but maybe tomorrow.


Breakable crate full of gold

I will probably simplify/change this a lot to get a clean gold gathering mechanic and just move on. I made the destroyed crate with blenders Cell Fracture addon, which is great but I forgot to boolean out the overlapping parts so it goes flying the moment you touch it. Also I'm not sure how gold would fit in with the theme, but I don't need to worry about that right now.


Simple trigger for tips


Day's Work

  • World
    • Adding complexity and depth to the layout
    • Adding a lot of platforms
  • Features for playable blockout
    • Breakable gold containers
    • Triggers for on-screen tips