Monday 27.6 | What Next?

Platformer Prototype

Fixing and tweaking minor things but mainly doing research and thinking about what to do next.

What Next?

I spent my day fixing bugs and tweaking things but I also thought about what platforming do I want in the prototype. I did some research into similar games and I got a couple of ideas but I'm not sure if I want to start implementing all of those before knowing what I want the main game loop to look like. So now that I have the combat and enemy stealth behaviour I will create the functionality for the objectives. Meaning the main game loop would be "playable" before I start adding more complex platforming mechanics.

Day's Work

  • Player
    • No slowing down when attacking
  • Camera
    • Changed camera FOV and tweaked the rig a little bit
    • Very slow recentering (I thought fast recentering might be frustrating for some)
  • Enemy
    • Hearing distance halved when can't see
    • Inspection gets reset when new sounds are heard
    • Awareness meter only shows at certain distance (5 atm)