Thursday 23.6 | Enemy Inspecting

Platformer Prototype

Adding to the inspection node on the behaviour tree to make the enemy look like it's actually inspecting.


The inspection consists of 3 parts:

  1. Noticing the sound ("Huh?" animation and sound)
  2. Going to the sound's origin
  3. Inspecting around the sound's origin (Inspection animation)

Currently the lengths of these parts are hard coded to a single value but I will probably create a class which can get animation lengths from the animator override controller easily.

Day's Work

  • Enemy
    • Stopped enemy before going to the target location (for the "Huh?" animation)
    • Sound noticed sound ("Huh?", from
    • Sound noticed animation (Reacting, from Mixamo)
    • Inspecting animation (Looking around, from Mixamo)
    • Animator
      • Play these animations with Animator.CrossFade
      • Interrupt trigger added to animator to interrupt inspection animations when player is spotted (Hopefully will be useful in the future to interrupt any)
  • Enemy Behaviour Tree
    • Fixed issue where chasing didn't run at all
  • Polishing awareness indicator