Wednesday 22.6 | Awareness Meter & Footsteps

Platformer Prototype

Today I added footsteps and an awareness meter.

Step Sounds with Animation Events


Enemy Awareness Meter

Once I got the footstep sounds in, I noticed there was nothing to tell if an enemy can hear them or not. I thought an exclamation mark that fills up could be an fast and easy way to visualize this.


Day's Work

  • Simple step sounds from Larakaa at
    • Assigned to the "stats" ScriptableObjects
  • Enemy awareness indicator
    • Visualizes how close the enemy is to hearing your sounds
    • Currently visible all the time but will be fixed to be hidden when nothing is heard
    • Still have to make it work with a better camera angle or by scaling down the enemy
    • Needs a small sound to add intensity
  • Fixing bugs