Tuesday 28.6 | Gizmos, Objectives & Alarms

Platformer Prototype

Improving gizmos and debugging, creating functionality for objectives and adding minor things in hopes of large impacts on gameplay.

More Gizmos

I added gizmos and labels pretty much everywhere to make it faster to place and debug enemies when creating the level.



The really rough looking objective is the bare minimum that fills the requirements for the functionality I want (Interaction & Feedback). Currently right trigger (R1/RB) acts as the interaction button but we'll see what happens to the roll (on O/B button).



During my research on Monday I saw a couple minor things that I think have the potential to bring a lot to the gameplay. This alarm was one of them. All of them:

  1. Spot light/Camera alarms
  2. Have only some walls climbable
  3. Double Jump
  4. Launching Platform

Day's Work

  • Debugging labels and gizmos
  • Objective functionality
    • Interact button
    • Effects with unity events
  • Motion Sensor/Spot light alarm