Wednesday 29.6 | Objective Manager

Platformer Prototype

Adding functionality to the objectives on the scene level.

Objective Manager

Creating an Objective Manager for easy management of the events I want to have happen for every objective completed.


Right now the first objective is setting the alarm offline and the second one is setting it online. So they could represent the main electrical switches, that you're tampering for example.

Day's Work

  • Objective Manager
    • Objectives completed list
    • OnObjectiveCompleted event
    • OnAllObjectivesCompleted event
  • Alarm
    • Online/Offline modes (Hiding spotlight mesh and trigger messages)
  • SendTriggerMessages helper component
    • Has public OnTrigger____ as unity events which can be listened to in a parent script
  • AnimationHelper component
    • Pause and Resume the states of the Animation component on the object (I needed to do this with an event and there's no good methods in the component itself)