Thursday 30.6 | New Wave Function Collapse Blocks

Platformer Prototype

Adding climbable blocks and fixing the issue where there would be a ledge in the middle of the wall.

Ledge Issue

I had an issue with climbing after I hastily threw in the WFC generated world. The walls started out with a ledge that the player would get stuck on every time and then had to "jump wiggle" out of it. You can see the problem in this video.

Essentially I just added wall thickness on the top to account for the bottom. Before those were just empty blocks.

Wall sliced with old blocks:


With new blocks:


Of course there were some troubles during the process.


But these were fixed with some intense connector and exclusion fiddling.


Post where I started using WFC for the first time

Climbable Blocks

Creating climbable tiles so I can make climbing part of the puzzle instead of just letting the player run away from everything. Below is what the blocks (another one is without the grass) look in the generated environment.


For the "finished" environment the placing of these will most likely be done by hand. I thought that this would make the connector assigning a waste of time but generating the world over and over with these gives so much inspiration for the level design that it was well worth it.

Climbable grass to wall block (there's one other kind that's just the wall):


Day's Work

  • WFC
    • Fixed ledge on the middle of the walls
      • New blocks
        • Connectors
        • Exclusions
    • Climbable wall
      • Texture
      • Connectors
      • Exclusions